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YouTube launches Gaming site and app

Video sharing site YouTube is launching a dedicated gaming website and app called YouTube Gaming.

YouTube Gaming is a website and app that will allow users to subscribe to gaming channels, instantly notify users when livestreams will begin and make recommendations based upon a user’s subscriptions.

YouTube Gaming will make livestreams a main focus making it easier for those streaming content to set up a live stream. YouTube Gaming will allow DVR on Livestreamers which will allow viewers to rewind live broadcasts and a ‘low latency’ option for live broadcasts which will make it easier for those streaming content to interact with viewers.

YouTube will launch the site and app in the U.S, and U.K. later this summer.

This is interesting news, it certainly will bring some needed competition to video game streaming;  be interested to see how YouTube differentiates itself from Twitch, the main gaming live streaming site. The one major concern I have about this news is YouTube’s copyright policy since YouTube in the past has faced some criticism over how it applies copyright on video game content and the arbitrary nature of who gets dinged with a copyright claim.

What do you guys think of YouTube setting up a dedicated gaming site ; Let me know in the comments.

Sources: Polygon,CNET

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