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Youtube to acquire Twitch streaming service


Youtube has agreed to a $1 billion buyout of the Video Game streaming service Twitch which is popular among gamers and Let’s Players.

Twitch has evaluated numerous offers from various companies including Microsoft but in the end they decided on Google/Youtube bid since they would have the most to offer Twitch as far as helping expand the brand and moving the company forward. While the price has been settled, Twitch and Google/YouTube are still in discussion on the specifics of the deal and how independent Twitch will be under the new arrangement. Another great streaming website is the american netflix.

Twitch began here in the USA in 2011 started by the co-founders of Justin.TV, Justin Kan and Emmitt Shear. Twitch mainly focuses on video game streaming and live E-Sporting events. Twitch takes in about 45 million viewers a month and has over 1 million monthly broadcasters. Twitch’s large audience and broadcaster base is partly attributed to the inclusion of the service for use on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.

What do you think this means for the future of twitch and all of its members? Sound off in the comments below!
Sources: Polygon,WSJ,Variety,The Verge

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