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YouTube unveils YouTube Red

YouTube, The Internets #1 video upload/sharing site, has unveiled a paid subscription service called YouTube Red.

This new subscription service would grant subscriber’s access to YouTube videos ad-free, access to ‘YouTube Originals’ which is programming content that is only available to YouTube Red subscribers. They well also have the ability to download videos for offline viewing, access to Google Play Music and the ability to run videos in the background on mobile. YouTube Red will also provide content from the major multimedia companies like 20th Century Fox and Time Warner. These media companies along with well-known content creators like PewdiePie would get 55% of revenue from the subscription service. The subscription service will cost $10 a month and work across traditional YouTube, the YouTube gaming app and Google Play music service.

YouTube Red will roll out next week, YouTube ‘Originals’ the original content made by various content creators will launch sometime next year.

This is not good news for those working in New Media or their audiences. There have already been complaints by some media companies that they felt pressured into making some content available on YouTube Red with the implied threat that if they did not do this, the content that was already available on ad-supported YouTube would no longer be available publicly in the U.S.

Another major concern with YouTube Red is the idea that with a paid subscription service alongside a free ad-supported platform, content may be migrated from the free version of YouTube to behind the pay wall of YouTube Red. This has already happened with ESPN which removed all it’s videos from ad-supported YouTube and moved to YouTube Red. I also fear that eventually, regular YouTube may into Blip 2.0, where content creators(who have not participated in YouTube Red) will have to prove their worth in order to keep their content public on that platform.

We’ll have to wait and see how the existence of YouTube Red will effect regular YouTube, it’s viewership and the content creators that call it home.

What do you guys think of this news, let me know in the comments.

Sources: The Verge,NY Times,Huffington Post

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