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Special Guests: Tom Noonan, Chris Elliott, Adam Resnick, Jonathan Rayer

Have you ever seen blood in the moonlight? It appears quite black…

Michael Mann’s Manhunter was a stylish serial killer film that has proved influential for decades. Other than being known as the first film appearance from Hannibal Lecter (a sublime Brian Cox), Manhunter helped give rise to the crime procedural (“C.S.I.”, “Criminal Minds”, “True Detective”, etc.).

We talked to Tom Noonan about his role as Francis Dollarhyde along with Chris Elliott (and Adam Resnick) about his early appearances in mainstream films. We also discuss the cinema of Michael Mann with Professor Jonathan Rayer.

Our guest co-host is the mysterious Mister X; we discuss the entire “Hannibal Lec(k)tor Legacy”.


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