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Rosencrantz & Gildenstern are Dead

Special Guest: Jim Hunter

Guest Co-Host: Ed Pettit

Shakespeare September continues with the 1990 film from writer/director Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Based upon Stoppard’s own award-winning mid-sixties play, the film tells the tale of Rosencrantz (Gary Oldman) and Guildenstern (Tim Roth), two supporting characters from Hamlet. We see them as characters in their own right as they interact with the goings-on of the melancholy Dane, questioning the meaning of life and their own existence. Sounds like pretty heady stuff but the play, and the film, are clever, witty, existential and amusing.


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“Are You Lonesome Tonight?” – Elvis Presley

“Hamlet” – ABBA

“Spirit” – Bauhaus

“Dang Me” – Roger Miller

“Money” – Sweet Little Band

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