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Player V5 Player: Battletoads & Double Dragon Ultimate Team!

Here it is the first episode of Player V5 Player starring Dustin Kidd  Corey Glover This week we go head to head in Battletoads  Double Dragon The Ultimate Team although it is the first episode and we ran into technical difficulties and we lost a few clips transferring the footage from computer to computer so we’re missing Corey’s gameplay footage but still ENJOY we’ll be working on fixing these tech problems for future episodes so no worries.

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Dustin K.
Classic PC gaming, Horror loving, VHS collecting Canadian head of Geek Juices Gaming & PR/Marketing man he's the youngest (& probably shortest) of the entire site. Originally joining Geek Juice with his previous show Circuit Break before it fell through he then started doing classic PC gaming reviews for Geek Juice on his show ReviewDrone. He is the Head of Gaming and is PR/Marketing for GeekJuice also appearing on many podcasts as a guest.

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