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A look into the production of the film comic book film Spawn.

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Cecil Trachenberg
Cecil Trachenberg
Just a guy who loves movies and wants to talk about them.
  • Jean Simon Morin Lacelle
    November 6, 2015 at 11:03 am

    Spawn was my first Comic book movie (at the time 7 years old) and to this day I still love this movie. At the time I did not know he was a comic book character (was not a comic kid and did not speak/write/read english) Still whenever we bought toys I always wanted the one that ”looked like spawn” and have awsome fight between Star Wars characters and Spawn. (which he always won of couse) The clown was amazing and the Pizza thing is something that got burned in my brain forever. Yes the movie special effects are very dated, but back then OMG did I want a cape like that. (but the eyes and tongue were always off to me) Great video, love spawn, have a nice day!

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