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From Pages To Pictures – The Chris Van Allsburg Trilogy

December 25th, 2016. Three videos from me for Christmas? You better believe it!

First up, we pay tribute to Chris Van Allsburg by taking a look at “Jumanji.” The book, the movie and the usual of what got changed.

Second, we gots a look at what happens when you launch Jumanji into space with “Zathura” and ask ourselves why little Josh Hutcherson has such an obsession with juice boxes.

And now we round things off with Robert Zemeckis’ take on “The Polar Express.” How many Tom Hankses does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Let’s find out!

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James Sullivan was born in New Orleans, LA. At the age of five his family moved to Marin County, CA where they still live to this day. He attended Redwood High School where he got into stage acting. Then after graduation, he went on to study film at College of Marin. After receiving his Liberal Arts degree, he went to San Francisco State University where he got a BA in Cinema Production. He still lives and works in Marin County to this day.

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