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The Insidious Rise Of Stealth Censorship

“We don’t like it, so you can’t do it”


Recently, some folks on social media were abuzz regarding new additions to their youtube feeds:



Almost immediately, one of the usual suspects chimed in with their plans to (ab)use this:


While this doesn’t really appear to be a change in youtube beyond its sudden prominent placement, what’s important to notice is the new wording of their TOS.


The highlighted section is worded so vaguely we’re sure there’s NO way it could be exploited by those who wish to silence people they disagree with…


Needless to say, this has potential victims quaking in their boots:

While this isn’t a real issue for larger media personalities, it can be harmful for the smaller fish in the digital sea:

X83HEtL sargon 2015-12-08_084049

But there is a potential roadblock that MIGHT actually prevent these petty attempts at covert censorship:


Time will tell if it’s legit or just blowing smoke…

“We don’t like it, so you can’t have it” (fail)


So…a silly game sequel is made by Koei Tecmo fulla sideboob/digital cheesecake and they decide they don’t wanna deal with the hassle of the SJW backlash if they release a localized version for the US/UK:


Later, one of their importers decided to be a lil more specific:

download (7)

While its pretty obvious Play-Asia saw an marketing opportunity and ran with it, that doesn’t change the fact that a Japanese company wanting to avoid controversy due to cultural differences IS a reality…just like the reality of landwhale white knights IMMEDIATELY jumping on the bandwagon to decry this ‘muh soggy knee’ to appease their Patreon overlords (and for the clicks, of course):

But NEVER forget the wise words of Mario Mario and Link:



But of course sane business heads had to prevail, so even though its OBVIOUS Koei Tecmo enjoyed the notoriety, they HAD to release a statement that kept them at arms length…tho’ i have to admit, it feels kinda…perfunctory:


advantage:free speech…kinda

“We can’t handle criticism, so we’ll call it harassment and ban it”


I know some think it was odd that I didn’t address this earlier when it was ‘hot’…but to be honest, I was so flabbergasted words failed me.

As a black geek before being a geek was ‘cool’, I encountered ridiculous amounts of ridicule from both within my peer group and from outsiders…but the net didn’t exist then so what do you think i did to counteract it?

I manned up, stood my ground n’ told the haters to fuk off…like a RATIONAL adult would do

However, we now live in a world where instead of defending your position you run to governmental agencies to fight your battles for you:



Here’s where I may surprise some folks who THINK they know me:in theory, SOME of what they say is correct. Women do face more harassment online than men because many of them refuse to embrace their ‘inner asshole’…cuz if you gonna say wacky shyt online u BETTER be prepared to fend off against ppl who will attack it just cuz they can. I’ve been called everything from the easiest (nigger, coon, sellout) to the deceptively offensive (race-traitor, oreo, misogynist)…but unlike the above-mentioned people, I STOOD BEHIND WHAT I SAID CUZ I BELIEVE IN WHAT I DECIDE TO POST and deal with the consequences.

Anita is CLEARLY what we used to call a ‘grifter’ and Zoe is the equivalent of a trophy mistress:the criticism they face isn’t about being female more than it is about their transparent MANIPULATION of cultural differences and the sooner the sheep who mistakenly follow them figure this out the sooner a REAL debate about misogyny and female empowerment can take place.

To put it in blunt terms, they are the pimps of the hoes of Social Justice…the sooner the hoes realize this the sooner they can break the chain and go for self…and banning disagreeing positions delays that.


Free speech is gonna have a bumpy road til this new wave of PC subsides…but it will. The ‘wild west’ aspect of the internet is too widespread to control (given how often I see the word ‘nigger’ or ‘jew’ tossed around casually on the net). We may face a few harrowing moments where it SEEMS like the thought police are winning, but the very nature of the net will just adapt and find new ways to subvert it…the trick is to weather this while not becoming as bad as the enemy (I’m looking at YOU, /pol) before the waves crash back and we can get back to speaking our minds freely.

Til then, fight the good fight, question when u see obvious censorship (without being a dick about it) and bide your time til the system resets itself…ya retards (oops-meant to say ‘trainable)

Disclosure:Some sources used in this article the writer doesn’t actually agree with 100 percent…kinda like how he acknowledges the value of the work of Eisenstein, Griffith, Lovecraft and Woody Allen-cuz he can separate the work from the bullshyt without TOTALLY ENDORSING the messenger…duh!



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  • GunsmithKitten
    December 8, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    You actually called out /pol/ as being as bad as the enemy, something so few of the anti-SJW side are willing to do.

    X, my respect for you just MULTIPLIED, sir. You really are a sane voice in this whole cultural chucklefuck.

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