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Come Play With Me: Ace Attorney Episode 1 – Part 1

Part 1 of Episode 1, Come Play With Me: Ace Attorney is finally here for all to enjoy! Join Mistress J & Mister X for rifftastic shenaniganry, as they dive in and play Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney!

*Livestream original air date: 05-03-16*

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Mistress J
Mistress J
Resident Mistress of shenanigans & purveyor of nonsensicals. Mistress J is a huge "Nintendork", Zelda maniac, anime freak, actor, & artist. She's the proprietor of the game streaming show Come Play With Me ( also on ) and The V Spot; covering video game news & announcements... and whatever - as well as "Mistress J's amiibo Watch" regarding amiibo releases, restocks, & deals announced via her facebook & twitter accounts. If you would like to support Mistress J's creative endeavors & general existence, you may do so here -Thank you for visiting, and please come again!

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