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March Pokémon Freebie & Nintendo Selects Price Drops!

As promised, The V Spot is back to announce this month’s mythical Pokémon giveaway. In case you’ve been out of the loop, each month for 2016 there will be a mythical Pokémon freebie in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Pokémon. Last month was Mew, & as you can tell by the title card, this month is Celebi! Unlike last month, Celebi can be obtained via the Nintendo Network, as opposed to going to Game Stop to get a code card.

Speaking of code cards, it seems the cards go quickly – even with restock shipments. And surprise surprise, scalpers are selling the cards once the event is over, as the time frame to actually redeem the code is longer than the event of the giveaway. (Same with the special limited edition plushies & other 20th anniversary merchandise from Toys R Us & what not.)

celebi scalpers

Because of this, I’ll try to report more near the beginning of the month – especially for the ones where a card code is needed.


*Side Note* Sometimes I tend to wait on certain announcements because the “big news sources” flood the interwebs with announcements right away, so I figure I’d wait a bit to perhaps get the word out to those who weren’t around and may be unaware. On certain subject matters, rather than regurgitating “(blank) has been announced, that is all the details available right now”, I prefer to wait until there’s more information to bring you. And if you haven’t figured out by now, The V Spot tends to be more than just announcing stuff – gotta give it that Mistress J personal flair. ;)

*End Side Note*


Ok, back to Celebi, who comes to us at level 100 with moves: Confusion, Recover, Heal Bell, & Safeguard. If you’re unfamiliar with receiving event Pokémon over the Nintendo Network, here’s what you do:

  • go to “Mystery Gift” from the title screen
  • select “Receive Gift”
  • “Yes” to open the communication channel
  • “Get via Internet”
  • “Yes” to connect to the internet
  • Confirm to receive

Celebi freebie stats

Then just visit the Pokémon gift lady chick at any Pokémon Center in game. Stop off at the computer first to deposit a Pokémon from your party, as you’ll need an empty slot in order to receive. As always, DON’T FORGET TO SAVE after receiving.

A Celebi is retrievable for each of the ORAS and X & Y games until March 24th. PLUS there was that Celebi from the Pokémon Bank event a while back – that’s a lot of Celebi! Now, Celebi used to be in high demand on the trade network, but due to her new wide availability, using her as a bargaining chip for rare Pokémon will now be less likely.

…UNLESS someone wants to build a Celebi army or something…. Hmmmm… *insert imagination harp sounds*

celebi squad2

And on that note, let’s move on to our next page, with Nintendo Selects price drops! (There’s some really good ones!)

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