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New Special Event Pokémon & Pokémon Center Store!

the v spot title card poke pattern vivillon - part 2

Hold on to your Poké Balls, it’s ANOTHER freebie Pokémon, AND the unveiling of the new Pokémon Center web store going live! Kinda odd to have two Vivillon in a row, but ya shouldn’t boo hoo about something you get for free! Besides, this pattern is WAY better than the fancy pattern one a few weeks ago. Sooo… MOVE OVER FANCY PANTS! POKÉ BALL PATTERN VIVILLON IS HERE!

Now, you MAY have already seen this li’l guy floating around the Global Trade Station in the past. That’d be because it was available in France for download from a special Pokémon Center in Paris, back in June. But now Poké Ball Vivillon has fluttered its way to North America for the grand opening celebration of! (AH Ha ha! I get it!)

Oh Vivillon, you’re lucky you’re pretty… cause as a Pokémon, ya kinda suck.

viv devour 3 PNG

Sooooo… HOORAY! You can now buy lots of Poké goodies at the online Pokémon Center! And by lots, I mean… some. Myea… I’m HOPING that the amount of merch is merely at its current level due to the site just going up, but I would have thought they’d open with a *bang* and go live with full force?? Even if you take away comparing the online stock to what has been available at the on location stores, EVEN the headers ON THE WEBSITE show more merch within them than what is actually available for purchase. I’m not talkin’ stuff is sold out already, it just isn’t there. TEASE! That’s like having pictures of steak or lobster on a menu, and then finding out you can’t ACTUALLY order them, they’re just pictured to go along with the other food you can order…  Ok ok, I know I’m being petty now, but you don’t tease a girl when it comes to plushies & what not! I mean, not an Oshawott… or even ANY form of Eevee!  But yea yea, I know – situation could be A LOT worse……


dash con oshawott the v spot

I mean, the site’s not exactly barren or anything, and I’m not trying to be all negative here. It’s just, I was super excited for the launch of the site (having seen what the real Pokémon Center stores all had) and then was left going, “WHAT THE MAGIKRAP WAS THAT?!!” Perhaps e-Bay and/or convention tables have spoiled me, but I had assumed that the online version of the Poké Centers would have more stock to choose from than it does. However, I shall reserve pulling my “shenanigans” card for at least the time being, as I’m gonna give the benefit of the doubt and assume/hope they launched being not at full force. But anywho, definitely check out and see what tickles your fancy. I will say, I DO love this Flabébé plushie on there (among a few other goodies)…

pokemon center site shot

So SEE?! It’s not like I’m saying the site is horrible or anything. It just did not live up to the anticipation and expectations derived from basis of the actual stores. :P In the mean time, there’s always the magical world of e-Bay, oozing with Pokésplendor! Or forget that, I’m gonna make my OWN Poké Store! With blackjack! And hookers!…. (You know where that saying goes, & I’m sure you’ve already finished it in your head. If you don’t, -200 Minion points demerit for your lack of Futurama knowledge!) Anywho, I’d name it eevee-Bay!  or… eev-Bay? Not sure what flows better. I would call “patent pending” dibs here, but I don’t own the rights to either in the first place. But in the theater that is the imagination in my brain, whenever I henceforth go questing for Pokémerch on e-Bay, I shall refer to it as “eevee-Bay”. The Mistress permits you may do the same if you so wish as well ;)

eevee bay

Ok now! Let’s get back to Poké Ball Vivillon here. Hee hee hee, I can just hear dumbass Ash in that little dorky voice of his if they did a particular episode revolving around this pattern: “Huh?? Hey look Serena! What’s that giant Poké Ball doing over there in those bushes?! *GASP!* That’s not a Poké Ball! It’s a Vivillon!!”

ash crazy

In case you don’t know, I’ll go over real quick how to add your Poké Pattern Vivillon here to your collection! As I mentioned flippantly last time, you’re prooooobably not going to be using Vivillon much, but damn ain’t it purdy! On the main screen after the game intro, instead of selecting your profile to start the game, you want to select “Mystery Gift” (just click “Yes” when asked to connect to the internet, & the communication channel). Then you’ll go into “Receive Gift” & “Get Via Internet”. It’ll search for a bit to pull it up, confirm to receive, then HAZAA!

pokemon mystery gift

 pokemon receive gift  pokemon get via internet

Go in game, & it’s time to visit the gifty chick dressed in blue! She’ll always be standing next to Nurse Joy when you pick up a Pokémon freebie like this. Just make sure you have a free slot in your party when you speak to her, or she holds it hostage ’til you do.

pokemon gift party full


Ok, TIME OUT! Gonna tangent here for a sec. This whole thing kinda irritates me. Like, REALLY LADY?? You can’t just hand me the freakin’ ball so I can walk like TEN FEET over to the computer and then deposit it?! So, lemme get this straight… We have the technology so I can be in a freaking cave way up in the mountains, capture a Pokémon, and it will go in my computer for me… but NOOOOOO! Arceus FORBID I have ONE MORE Poké Ball in my possession for TEN SECONDS! Pashaw… Eh, it’s all good though, I ninja wipe some honey on the back of her uniform before I leave the center so that as soon as she steps foot in grass she’ll get gang jumped by wild Pokémon! MUH HA HA HA HA! Maybe you think that’s a little harsh, since she says “please” and all. Well lemme tell ya something. She only ACTS all kind and proper cause Nurse Joy is there. Her tone may SOUND all sweet and polite, but her face is all smug! (In case you can’t tell, I get really into throwing flavor in my games. Seriously, I even trash talk NPC’s in DDR and stuff. I have no shame.)

pokemon gimmie the ball

Alrighty then… TIME IN!


Sooooo myea! Your Vivillon will be either male or female, with all random stats, nature, & ability. If you don’t like what you got, merely shut off the game BEFORE YOU SAVE. Then just keep talking to the chick each time until you get one you like, and then go and save. Ahh the gamble of chance. I wonder how many times some people have reloaded, trying to get the very best…. (“like no one ever waaaaaas!” …Dammit, now that theme song is stuck in my head. Is it stuck in yours now too? I hope so… cause I’m mean like that. Bwa ha ha!) So anyway, I’m sure some people got hosed and missed out on one with better stats they could’ve had cause they restarted hoping for better and then never got it. Admittedly, the more I play, I do watch the stats a bit more than I used to… but I’m not obsessed like some people are. I did restart ONCE, but it was only because I really wanted the ability “shield dust”, as opposed to “compound eyes”. I wasn’t going to sweat the actual stats, but I lucked out and actually ended up with better ones than the first time. (I wrote them down just out of curiosity on how I was gonna do second time around). As last time, and always will going forward, I’ll be showing you what I ended up with. Feel free to compare & what not below. If you’re one of those people I mentioned who restarted time and time again, I’m curious to how many times & how ya made out!

Poke pattern vivillon 1

poke pattern vivillon 2

I hope you enjoyed visiting The V Spot! There’s more to come, buuuut you’ll have to wait just a bit for it! Hey, gotta space it out, too much is overwhelming! Seriously though, joking aside – it does take me time to come up with all the visuals & an execution I’m happy with. So, hopefully I’ve succeeded in entertaining you! :)  I’m not meaning to over explain here & get into process, but I wanted to disclose and let you know why it is I end up being a little “late” on getting these out. So anwho, go get your Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon, the special ends August 12th!

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