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First off… YAY! We get to Splatoon all over early with a free download global testfire May 8th & 9th. The event takes place over a few short time periods, varying to of course accommodate for times around the world. But, if you don’t sleep like me, you have ample opportunity to Splatoon all over everyone’s faces! To participate in the event, you need merely download the free demo in the eShop. In addition to the demo, if you’re of the digital over physical copy persuasion, Nintendo is allowing the opportunity to pre-download the game before release so you’re ready to go immediately on launch day, May 29th.

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*Personal Side Tangent* I still prefer the physical copies over digital. Although it is handy not to have to get up and switch discs between games, I enjoy my displayed collection. Plus, I really don’t like to worry about hard drive capacity constraints, & it’s great to be able to take your copy over to a friend’s house and play. Not to mention, juuuust in case the event arises where I should ever feel the need to trade in, a physical copy allows me to do so. Although I have thought about trading to substitute for a digital copy of Hyrule Warriors, those of you who know my infatuation with Zelda will understand when I say that my obsession will not allow me to rid my collection of the physical copy. If I had money to burn, I’d actually buy the digital copy as well, sans the trade in, for the convenience of play and to still keep the physical copy for my collection.

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Anywho, back to the Splatoony goodness!

For those of you who don’t know, Splatoon is a multiplayer shooter, only with ink artillery instead of firearms. There’s a large array of weapon types, character customization, and online team play. The basic goal is to be the team with the most ink covering the level, as well as the fun of annihilating the other players. If you haven’t seen anything on it, here is the E3 preview trailer from last year.

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The single player campaign story mode involves a war between squids & octopi (who can transform into humanoids) of which you play the squid Inklings. There’s even a little 8-bit throwback game called “Squid Jump” you can play to bide your time as you are waiting in queue for online player match ups.

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Splatoon will launch with five multiplayer maps & two multiplayer modes – Battle Dojo and Turf War. Once a certain number of the player base reaches level 10 in multiplayer, a ranked battle mode called Splat Zones will unlock. New maps, modes & weapon updates are already in the works for post launch – some of these include at least 9 new maps, new character clothing customizations, and 2 new multiplayer modes called “Tower Control” & “Rainmaker”. Although details for Rainmaker have yet to be released, it is said that for Tower Control, players will fight to control a tower platform starting center. Whichever team takes control of the tower rides it through enemy territory to get to a goal to win, in which they will be a constant target & teammates must work together to protect and defend the position.

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An update projected for August will bring four player online teams in Turf War mode, 4 vs 4 custom battles on any stage with any rules – as well as new gear and battle mode. Now, before anyone complains saying “Why do they have to do that in an update?! Why don’t they just have that to start with?!” Stop and think, you’d be complaining more if they pushed back the release of the game to implement those for you. So take your friggin’ cake now, the ice cream will be coming out in a few moments.

squidward don't be a dick

I think it’s great that Nintendo keeps updating to make additions to games, whether free or paid DLC. They COULD just leave it be and you get what you get. But no, they add new content to the games for free or cheap prices so you don’t get bored. So many people complain about DLC that comes later, but I don’t remember people bitching about paid expansion packs for PC games like The Sims or what have you. I’d much rather have DLC additions than a WHOLE new game with the new levels. We’ve gotten 16 new tracks DLC for Mario Kart 8, and I still see people complain about DLC. If you don’t want the new stuff, then don’t pay for it. It’s not that the game is “incomplete” and you have to pay for the completion, as some say. The game is complete when you get it, they’re just releasing BONUS material to keep it fresh. But I digress, I shall save my rant on entitlement for another day.

Three new amiibo will be released on May 29th as well, being sold in a pack of 3 of the Boy, Girl, & Squid Inklings, or the Boy & Girl Inklings packaged singularly.

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Each amiibo will offer 20 challenges which upon completion will yield gold & some amiibo exclusive weapons, headgear, & clothing customization. It’s great to have more functionality from amiibo, as opposed to a simple outfit or item unlock, but unfortunately that means the whole scalper situation sucks even more – as you’re missing out on actual content & not just some added cosmetic funzie. Those of you who follow me on Twitter & facebook may have seen my random “available again” announcements, as I sporadically check for new release amiibo to see if online pre-orders, newbies, & rares have opened back up – as I DESPISE the scalper epidemic. The li’l Inklings here are no exception. Although they haven’t jumped up in price as badly as other amiibo & rares, it’s still pretty bad ranging from near 60 to upwards of 80 dollars for the 3 pack. As you can see here, there are 238 listings for jacked up Splatoon amiibo on ebay already. That’s 238 people who couldn’t get their legit pre-orders. (amiibo separately are typically $12.99 each, and the 3 pack retails for $34.99 normally.) The singles are easier to get a hold of, as the Squid Inkling is not typically going to be in stores & people want the set of all three. There are online sellers listing the Squid amiibo separately at about 20 bucks, so in theory, I guess if it comes down to it you COULD get the Boy & Girl from stores legit, and then get the Squid for about 20 bucks or so. Would be cheaper than the jacked up 3 packs. I don’t normally condone support of scalpers, but when it’s something you can’t buy separately, and marked up less than 10 bucks, I can’t say that I wouldn’t do it. I was lucky to get my threesome pre-ordered a while ago. I swear to Hylia if I get an “unexpected out of stock oversold” type e-mail, you will see much ballistic craziness spew onto my social media…

Splatoon EBAY screenshot

You know, at least when people were crazy for Beanie Babies that were being scalped, the product didn’t actually DO a damn thing – they just sat there & were full of beans… But people legitimately can’t access extra content to their games cause people gotta be all Babadookie heads & shit!

Fun Fact: In the early conception stage, Splatoon was being considered as a Mario franchise game. When I first saw Splatoon, I immediately thought of “reverse Mario Sunshine” mixed with Jet Set Radio Future & Conker Reloaded. Considering Mario’s goal was fighting against & cleaning up ink in Mario Sunshine, that would’ve been kinda trippy. At one point the creators stated, “It would be kind of weird if Mario got splattered with ink and then exploded.” Until the concept was fleshed out, they had some difficulty coming up with characters that would “fit” the game they wanted to make. As the concept started to develop with characters’ abilities & aspects, it just naturally developed to where humanoid squid beings was the way to go! I’m so glad they decided against another franchise game and instead created something new that stands on its own. Props to the makers for sticking to a game they wanted to make, as opposed to solely focusing on a “sure sell” by slapping Mario on it and making changes in order to make it “fit” Mario.

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If you don’t have a Wii U yet and plan to spend your tax return cash or something on one, Best Buy has a Splatoon bundle of the 32 gig system & game, along with Nintendo Land for $299.99 – I haven’t played Nintendoland, so I couldn’t tell ya if it’s worth having in a bundle. The disappointment here is that there’s nothing special about the system itself. Usually you get some swanky design or something unique going on, but this is solely the black 32 gig system, and then Splatoon & Nintendo Land… So… yea, do some figuring & feel it out.

I’ve been asked recently by a few people about what games I would suggest for new & would-be Wii U owners, so I’m going to share here as well in case anyone else might be curious. I would say Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors (unless you don’t like Dynasty Warriors and/or Zelda), & everyone loves good ol’ Super Smash Bros. Super Mario 3D World is great fun as well. I definitely suggest Splatoon (which probably should have been obvious since I did a feature here and all… but yea). Wind Waker’s of course fantastical, but you guys know anything Zelda is going to get my stamp of approval…. except the CDI games… they “don’t exist”. Mario vs Donkey Kong Tipping Stars is pretty fun, but I wouldn’t go with it as a starter. Browse around the virtual console in eShop, there’s some great stuff there, & pretty cheap too. As for further future releases, I’m most looking forward to the new Zelda game that will eventually be out, as well as Mario Maker.

That’s about it here for Splatoon. There’s lots of in depth information & videos concerning levels, weapons & specifics and what not all over the web – so if this has spiked your interest you may want to check those out. I personally want to get a huge Splatoonage cosplay goin’ at a convention some time & have an all out super soaker fight!

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As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed your time at The V Spot! Now I must go to be well rested in order to Splatoon my ink all over everyone laterz!

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