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The V Spot: Miitomo – BIG Changes Coming!

There’s a huge Miitomo update in the works, & it’s comin’ soon! Change can be good or bad, and in my opinion, there’s a little bit of both here. You may have guessed, I’m not going to just regurgitate the list, that’d be boring! As is the usual V Spot flare, I’m gonna give you my 2 cents… sometimes a dime’s worth.

Let’s start things off with the ones that excite me:
The ability to hang your favorite images on your room’s walls as posters, and the ability to create “Sidekick Mii” characters, complete with their own customizable rooms. Woot! FINALLY, my Mistress Mini Mii shall have her minions! Or, “Miinions”, if you will. Not only that, but they shall honor their Mistress by plastering her Miifotos all over their walls! If the GJ boys are nice, MAYBE I’ll give them their own rooms. I wonder if you answer questions via your sidekicks as well. This has the possibility for awesome written all over it. Muh ha ha! You’ll also have the ability to customize your rooms with new flooring and wallpapers. I sense much shenaniganry to be had! “The Human CentiMii (Geek Juice Sequence)” shall live upon the walls forevermore!


I’ve always half joked about having an art gallery full of my nonsensigan Miifotos, but this is the next best thing! Until this feature, you could only share your Miifotos in the program via “outfit change answer pics” or posting them in comment threads. And even then, in the outfit pic shares, you “couldn’t” have other Miis in it, and they’re randomly shared through others receiving them as answers.

Oh? Why did I put the word “couldn’t” in quotations up there, you ask? Well, that’s because the Mistress worked some trickery magic to include other Miis in her pic shares. But, that’s a story for another day!


They’re also adding the ability to send messages directly to those on your friend list. This, I’m kind of weary about, but I understand as a business why they’re implementing it. I won’t go into the details, but we all know what goes around social media, and how we come across certain types of people through friend of friend of friending. Let’s just say I’ve already had to unfriend some creepy randos on Miitomo, and that was them having to post publicly, as opposed to being shielded. Aaand I have my experience via people’s Miiverse private messages received to base this concern on as well. Not a huge deal, just a feature I would rather be without. Again though, I understand the reasoning for it.

The last new feature being added to the update is the ability to share your outfits with the world through “Style Central” and answer publicly posted questions in “Answer Central”. I tried to find what these actually were, but apparently big Nintendo reporting sources consider “details on” just being listing exactly what the notice in the program says… As of this time, there seems to be no detailed information concerning these 2 new additions.


In my speculation, “Answer Central” sounds to be a standard forum style discussion type thread, or perhaps more simplistic as a kind of total public “see all answers” type, as you would with your friends’ answers in game. There is also the possibility users may be the ones generating questions, but who knows. If that is the case, oh have fun policing that one, Nintendo mods! “Style Central” seems like it may just be a public forum to share your “changed clothes” pictures, but they already have a feature kind of like that in game that connects via twitter. Perhaps they’re just fleshing that out, or it could end up being something akin to Pinterest. I know a popular user request at one time was to “save” outfits they wanted, but couldn’t yet swing the coins for. It would be cool if within this public forum you could access the feature of purchasing items worn in the picture, as you can do in app off of people.

I’d like to see a feature where you can stop following a certain answer, as some of the same people’s pop up AAAALL the time, and there’s like 999+ as the thread has become “get coin spam” or something.

If there’s a feature you’d really like to see, or have any suggestions, there is a feedback option under Customer Support. I’ve come across many a “I wish you could suggest” in threads & have shared this little pearl of wisdom, so might as well throw it in here now as well. To access, go to Menu/Other/Customer Support/Feedback. You can also make an inquiry under customer support if something in the app is going wonky. Support is actually really good about getting back to you quickly – I had to use it once when I was having an issue with the Daily Bonus not popping up.

So anywho, there you have it. Expect the update soon, as once Miitomo puts out a “coming soon” notice, it usually goes live fairly quickly.

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