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The V Spot: Poké BALLS DEEP Edition

The V Spot returns, diving balls deep into a plethora of Pokémon info! There’s a lot to cover, so here’s a quick rundown of what’s in store for this Pokérific edition!

Page Contents:

1) Special Event Pokémon Freebies!
2) Pokébutts On Parade! (that’s right, BUTTS!)
3) Build-A-Chu!
4) Pokémon Gym!

Let’s jump right in & start with a whole bunch of freebie Pokémon available this month! Now, a couple of the events we’re going to cover have been available for a bit & may seem like “old news”, but it’s last chance time on some of these as we’re nearing the event end dates – so I’m gonna get the info out anyway while the offers are still available! And hey, if you didn’t know, then it’s new to you! So yay!

pokebank error community chestNEW

Ok, so it’s not REALLY a “bank error”, but our first batch of Pokéfriends comes to us via the Pokémon Bank application, as opposed to the usual in game “Mystery Gift” sort of way. If you haven’t accessed your Pokémon Bank in a while, you may want to boot it up. Bank teller Brigette here is gifting all three fully evolved Jhoto starters to us at level 50, with special hidden abilities!

    pokemon bank special present johto

Myea no, you don’t need to have had “consistent use” of the bank. In order to receive Meganium, Typhlosion, & Feraligatr, you need merely to sign into the Pokémon Bank application before the event ends on November 30th, 2015, with any of the Pokémon X/Y or ORAS games in slot (or choosing the applicable one you want it to be tied to if you have the digital copies) and she’ll present you with each. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE before you exit the bank, or you’ll make the Pokémon sad & they’ll run away forever. (In non-shenanigans speak: you’ll have lost them and won’t be able to download them again.) You get a set per Pokémon Bank account, NOT per each separate game you own. When you boot up your game, you’ll choose the “Pokémon Link” option to complete the process.

pokemon link main menu   pokemon bank link copy

For any of you who may be scratching your head going, “What the Magikrap is a Pokémon Bank?!”, you’re in luck! I just HAPPEN to have a handy dandy little explanation trailer here if your interest has been piqued. Essentially though, it’s a storage & transfer database used along with the transporter application so you can move your Pokémon between games (even the older Black/White games prior to the 3DS). There are some limitations involving “one way trips” from older games to newer, and certain compatibility. Don’t worry, it’s not as confusing as time travel timeline logic… I thiiiink…

Next up, we have ANOTHER blasty from the pasty freebie threesome, as the fully evolved trio of Unova starters are obtainable as nifty gifties via code ’til November 30, 2015!

unova codes

Serperior, Emboar, & Samurott are received at level 50, with special hidden abilities as well. However, they can only be redeemed via the ORAS games. Just go into “Mystery Gift” on your game main menu, select the “via code” option, & enter the corresponding codes listed above.

Side Note: I was glad to finally get a Samurott, because I never evolve Oshawott… ever… He’s just TOOOO CUTE! People tend to get grr at me for not evolving him, and unto them I say, “Well Muk you! Oshawott shall live & reign forever in adorableness!”

oshawott king

Side Side Note: Nicknaming your Tepig “Oinky”, is not so much a fitting nickname when it grows up… Just sayin’…

tepig evolution chart

Pashaw, who am I kidding, I find “Bubbles” the only fitting nickname for my Gyarados, sooo…

Oinky Doinky! On we go to the more recent & soon to be freebies!

From November 4th to November 20th, a level 50 Zoroark with special move “Sludge Bomb” can be obtained via the good ol’ fashion way of “Mystery Gift”/via internet from the game menu screen. This Zoroark is only available through the ORAS games, and the sludge bomb move is not one that can otherwise be learned by it. So let your Zoroark be the envy of all the other Zoroark “normies”!


And last, but certainly not least…

Let’s Make Some Hoopla for Hoopa!!


Hoopa is going to FINALLY be available! It’s no secret that most who actively play but only own X/Y have been feeling left out, as the majority of special event Pokémon seem to be available solely for ORAS game owners. But good news everyone! Hoopa will be available to X/Y owners as well as ORAS! Hooooray! Now, in order to get Hoopa, ya gotta jump through a few hoops, so to speak. Perhaps only slightly more tedious than needing to go to a game store to pick up a card with a code, you’ll have to visit a participating Mc Donald’s between November 27th and December 23rd, & connect to their wifi with your 3DS to access Hoopa. I know, laaaaaame! But totally worth it, in my opinion. Your guess is as good as mine on the participating qualification there. I would THINK most would be participating for at least the wifi portion. What’s the OTHER portion, you ask? WELL, whilst you’re at McDonald’s getting your Hoopa on, you can pick yourself up an Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Happy Meal! Yay toys!! You’ll receive one of eight Pokémon  from ORAS: Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, Mega Latios, Lugia, Rayquaza, Pikachu, Wobbuffet, or HOOPA (of course). In addition to the toy, each Happy Meal will also come with one of 12 Pokémon TCG cards!

pokemon happy meal toys

And that’s all for the freebee madness of November. Now let’s move on to BUTTS! Are you anticipating why I would POSSIBLY be making a whole section dedicated to Pokémon derrières? Well, hold on to your… well, butts… cause HERE WE GO!!!

*FYI: In case a concern for work place & taste, rest assured, the next page contains NO EXPLICIT material… just innocent tushes!

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