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V Spot -Quicky- Splatfest Feb 2016


It’s that time again! Time for the festival of splats! In a mere few hours, Splatfest shall be upon us! This time, it’s RED vs BLUE! Time to settle the old score of which Pokémon game is “better” – at least popularity wise, as wins are taken into account for the final overall score as well.  Splatfest starts tonight at 10pm PT, or 12 midnight for us fellow central time zoners.

***(Update: There seems to be some misconception going around on choice basis. It is NOT supposed to be based on who would win in battle. Obviously water trumps fire. It’s which VERSION of the game you prefer.)***

So, if you’ve been a-


-and haven’t voted yet, there’s still time to do so & start pre-splatting to unlock your Splatfest abilities! I’m in the boat of having not unlocked all my abilities for my Splatfest gear yet, AND I’m a bit rusty on my Splattoning. *CURSE YOU MARIO MAKEEEER!* (Actually, no, it’s super duper fun as well.)

For those wondering, your Mistress has chosen Pokémon Red, but it was not an easy decision. Should we meet as adversaries on the splatterfield tonight, please know… I shall show you no mercy!

Splatoon evil

Red or Blue – Which will YOU choose?

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