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V Spot -Quicky- Happy Ace Attorneyversary!… Sorta


Happy Ace Attorneyversary!… Sorta

Aug 3, 2016 marks the date poor Larry Butz was/is wrongly accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend with a coc… uhg, clock, as the future present day we first joined Phoenix Wright in the past on the GBA in all his pressing, presenting, & shenaniganry of mix ups, misleads & colorful characters.


There is fan dispute on when exactly the game takes place –  saying it’s 10 years in the future from release date, then those arguing which release date to go off of… There’s people arguing the timeline by dissecting age discrepancies, which are more than likely mere story continuity errors. BUT, the game dialogue does place the present in 2016 – at one point discussing how it’s 15 years after a case that occurred in 2001. So, we’re gonna go with today & assume the “error” is with the other information. :P

Yes, it’s not technically an anniversary, since the game wasn’t released on this day – but “Future Day From The Past Now Present” was just too clunky to work as the title. It’s just always fun when something set way in the future actually comes to be. Though, not as fun as surviving Judgement Day that occurred in the future of August 1997. Tomorrow it’ll just be added to all the other days of future now passed…

Have no clue wtf we’re talking about? Well, clearly you haven’t been catching the Come Play With Me: Ace Attorney livestreams! But never fear, MJ is hard at work getting the archives ready. (& dealing with a frustrating substandard editing program)

More Ace Attorney livestream shenanigans with Mistress J and Mister X will be airing Tuesday, August 9th at its new time – 8pm CST!



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