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April 22, 2014

Danny Hicks Interview

Hey Geek Juice fans! Before you get into listening to the interview itself I would like to go over one thing with you. Thanks to either a glitch or plain stupidity on my part pieces of the interview were not recorded. I am extremely upset over this because the section that we lost was the portion of Danny talking about his band The Tim-O and Danny Hicks Brain Invasion.

To make up for that I shall be linking to various sources where you can check them out and give them a listen. I [...]

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March 31, 2014

Geek Juice AMA with Guest Dan Hicks

Hello fellow readers! I am happy to announce that in the month of April we will be holding our first ever Geek Juice AMA! Yes, an opportunity for you, the readers, to get your questions answered by our celebrity guest!

Who will be our first guest on this AMA? None other than Dan Hicks! Dan is known mostly for his role as Jake, the misfortunate hillbilly in Evil Dead 2. Since then though his filmography credits have gone on to appearances in movies like Darkman and My Name is [...]

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