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December 14, 2016

FX HELL: Star Wars Holiday Special (pt II)

As the new film debuts, mister X wants you to remember:not only is it not over til both the golden girl and former substance abuser sing…but this is still technically CANON

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December 14, 2016

FX HELL: Star Wars Holiday Special (pt I)

CBS can keep Charlie Brown and Rudolph:Geek Juice has Itchy, Malla and Lumpy! Join mister X for his annual peek behind the curtains of THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL that shows us how it was doomed from the get-go…

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January 7, 2016


mister X has intercepted sealed documents from the MPAA which reveal a plan to tamper with classic films even more insidious than Ted Turner colorization or Netflix image cropping – TONE-POLICED CINEMATIC CENSORSHIP!

if u wanna buy X a beer to keep him funny, u can donate via PAYPAL

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July 28, 2015

CLEAN FILTH: Devil In Miss Jones 3 (remastered)

The Perv returns with his (remastered) examination of the EPITOME of 80s smut:the dark bros’ DEVIL IN MISS JONES 3 starring lois ayres, jack baker and vanessa del rio

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July 21, 2015

Blip Tv To Close-Reviewerverse Sh*ts Self

As predicted by Geek Juice last summer, Blip.tv is finally closing down and purging all video content on 8/20/15…and the internet reviewers that didn’t heed our warnings are collectively freaking out:

Blip, the site that gave rise to an entirely new form of entertainment and media criticism, is due to close down next month. End of an era.

— Greg Byrne (@GregB00) July 20, 2015

“plans for the evening?” [...]

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July 9, 2015

POE’S LAW:The Home Game

‘Poe’s Law’ is an internet axiom that was created due to the rise of extremist rhetoric in social media that is so over the top that it can become indistinguishable from satire or parody.

Let’s put that to the test-play this game and see if you can catch all the satire before your hope in humanity is extinguished!

Click HERE to launch the game in a new window

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