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The Projection Booth:Cleo/Leo

Special Guests: Scott Baker, Jane Hamilton, Ginger Lynn Allen, Larry Revene

Guest Co-Host: Jill Nelson

When a chauvinist pig (Scott Baker) gets shot for harassing women, he’s reincarnated as a woman (Jane Hamilton) in order to learn a lesson about life. Chuck Vincent’s Cleo/Leo is a terrific look at gender relations and institutional sexism.

We’re joined once again by author Jill Nelson to discuss Cleo/Leo, Blake Edwards’s Switch, Roberta Findlay’s Angel on Fire (AKA Angel Number Nine) and Vincente Minnelli’s Goodbye Charley.


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“Mister Sister” – Kate Pierson

“Fantasy World” – Ginger Lynn

“Both Sides Now” – Leonard Nimoy

“Ginger Lynn” – Ken’s Loud Band

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